Breast reconstruction

There are three main options for breast reconstruction.

  • Having an implant to replace all or some of your breast tissue
  • Having a breast shape made from your own body tissue (abdomen or back or buttock or thigh)
  • Having a combination of implant and body tissue reconstruction

Body tissue reconstructions

  • Body tissue reconstructions with abdominal tissue (a  DIEP flap)
  • Body tissue reconstructions with back tissue (a latissimus dorsi flap)
  • Body tissue reconstructions with buttock tissue (an SGAP flap)
  • Body tissue reconstructions with thigh tissue (a TUG flap)
  • Lipofilling for breast reconstruction (fat transfer)

We also carry out nipple reconstruction and nipple tattooing if this is required. This can be carried out on new patients as well as those that have had reconstruction elsewhere.

Lymph node transfer

Lymph node transfer surgery is a relatively new and significant option for the management of lymphoedema. This can be done with a breast reconstruction or as a separate procedure.

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We understand that there are many different reasons why women choose to have breast enlargement, breast uplift and breast reduction procedures.

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